Monday, 23 March 2015


Saturday saw us at the Seven Valley Railway.... We spent the first half of the day at the lovely quaint station of Bewdley..
After dinner we moved further down the track for a few lineside shots

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Severn Valley Railway

A day out on the Severn Valley Railway .

Colour Morphs

Three different colour morph Buzzards over the wood this morning .

Back for a second year .

Our resident Nuthatch,s are tidying up last years nest box so this could mean for the second year running they will nest just outside our living room window AWESOME . The male and female were both cleaning it out today after last years successful brood in which at least three young fledged . Below the female can be seen hard at work tidying and inspecting their future home.

Friday, 20 March 2015

SPRINGing up !!!!

Spring is finally here and we have both got the day off ... So it was up with the dawn chorus and a spot of gardening to get Steves bug and butterfly corner ready...
By nine thirty it was tools away ready for the Eclipse ...
As the sun returned we headed off to Little Morten Hall .. we have drove past this hall twice a day for the past twelve months and always noticed the car park is always full so why is it so popular ???? Well its a beautiful Tudor black and white manor house built in 1504 finished in 1508 . It was owned by the Morton family who were the wealthiest landowners in the area and built the house as a symbol or their prosperity.

First Chiffchaff

The first Chiffchaff of the year back in our wood this morning singing his little heart out , also our first Bumblebee  seen yesterday . A single Lesser Redpoll on the feeders two Grey Heron in farm field along with a female Kestrel and our resident  Nuthatch checking out his nest box he used last year . The Chiffchaff appearance  is on exactly the same date as last year .

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Long Staying Smew

Still commuting between Westport Lake and Hanley Forest Park the first winter drake Smew is still proving a challenge for me anyway to get a decent image. I photographed it at Westport over three months ago now and its nice to see how it has progressed during its first moult, it will not be in its full adult plumage until next winter .

Later in the afternoon it was upto see if any more Golden Plovers had arrived , we still have ten birds the same total as last week . Looking good this time of the year but again as above they always prove a challenge to capture on camera , the two images below do not do these beautiful birds justice.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Our first Hare in Cheshire

With weather not looking to good this morning and the prospect of rain later we decided to stay local and do our normal drive around the lanes , neither of us had seen a Hare in Cheshire before and with a few reports of late we thought we would try our luck . We found several Golden Plovers in summer plumage back on there breeding grounds and displaying to each other , and also came across a herd of around twenty Red Deer . Then in the distance I noticed what at first looked like a large Rabbit but on closer inspection turned out to be a Hare and only around the corner from home. Using the car as a hide it ran closer towards us and both myself and Tracey managed a few record shots albeit in poor light. As it turned out there were four Hare's in the same field but the others stayed there distance. Good views of Dipper a pair of Siskins and several Goosander,s made it a most enjoyable morning.
Lapwing having a bad hair day !!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Llangollen Steam Gala .....

A day out in the beautiful countryside of Llangollen.... What a place for a steam gala ...
Even Jess was listening for the oncoming trains......

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lancashire Diver

At long last myself and Tracey managed to get upto Lytham for the adult winter Red-throated Diver which has been around for the last three weeks or so , it would be Tracey's first diver so she was really excited and up for the challenge in trying to capture it on camera. There as been some amazing images of the bird on quite a few birding sites so with all this in mind we set off nice and early only to arrive in cloudy conditions and gale force winds this was not in the plan . It only took a short time to find the bird and we set about trying to get something reasonable on camera . Unfortunately as always happens when the sun did appear the bird was out of range and when the bird was close well you've got it no sun , but well pleased with herself Tracey managed some good images of which a few are displayed below........well done my girl.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Didn't do a great deal today as the weather man forcast bad weather and around dinner time he wasn't wrong. We had a quick trip up the moors but not much doing really , a few Red Grouse and Buzzards about but that was about it possibly due to the strong winds keeping everything out of reach . We then decided to visit Redesmere which at that time was still bathed in sunshine , plenty of wildfowl about along with two Pink-footed Geese and a couple of Oystercatchers flew in .
One of the two Pink-footed Geese present.
Tufted Duck (drake).
Greylag Goose .