Sunday, 25 January 2015

Gardenwatch 2015

Tracey did her bit for RSPB gardenwatch by counting the birds on our feeders for one hour between 8.00 and 9.00 this morning ,she finished with a credible 20 species well done girl . Four Mistle Thrush earlier has brought our monthly total to 42 species that equals Jan 2013 . The image below of a Red Grouse in snow was taken earlier in the week .

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter Wonderland

As I said in the previous posting we awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning so decided to just stay around our local reservoirs with some wonderful scenery on offer .
Surprising what you find in the undergrowth !!!!!!!


We awoke this morning to a light dusting of overnight snow and temperature's of -3D ,so we decided to stay local and do a few scenic shots our images will follow later . Yesterday on the feeders saw three Lesser Redpoll,s , a male Reed Bunting and several Long-tailed Tit,s , along with the usual Nuthatch , Woodpecker,s and Jay,s. Today saw the woodland count go up again by two with a flock of twenty one Canada Geese low over the farm field and a single Song Thrush this afternoon along the hedgerow . A unusual visitor to the feeders was the first Starling ever in the two and half years of living here well I suppose we are in a wood and its not the most likely bird you would expect to come across . This afternoon a female Greenfinch appeared on the feeders this is the first Greenfinch seen since 29th April last year bringing this years total for the wood to 41 species.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday Walk

Brian had a walk around the wood this morning and found five Bullfinch,s by the pond , a Woodcock down the bottom part of the wood also three Red Deer . A single Fox up by the quarry , three Buzzard and a Raven overhead and a Sparrowhawk by our feeding station.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Fungus.

Two new fungus species were added to the woodland list today when I came across a small patch of Candle Wick Fungus and Dead Man,s Finger , also the first Scarlet Elf Cup,s of the year were starting to appear. The pair of Lesser Redpoll,s were on the feeders again today along with the male Reed Bunting , two Great Spotted Woodpeckers , Nuthatch , Treecreeper , and around twenty Chaffinch along with a single Goldfinch while overhead one of our resident Buzzards was being mobbed by a Raven . It looks like the female Brambling that stayed around for a few days as now departed .

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gale Force Winds

Gale force winds and rain this morning easing off as the day went on bringing sunshine this afternoon but staying cold . The first pair of Lesser Redpoll,s visited the feeders this afternoon after yesterday,s lone female . Also visiting the feeders today was a male Reed Bunting a female Bullfinch , three Great Spotted Woodpecker,s a single Treecreeper and Nuthatch , nine Pheasants , several Chaffinch and around a dozen Coal Tit . A single Raven called as it passed overhead and a small party of Redwing feed in the farm field.

Redpoll at last.

The first Lesser Redpoll (female) of the year was on the feeders briefly yesterday in very strong winds , also a male Reed Bunting under the feeders.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A frosty Gun Hill ......

Our last day before back to work tomorrow..... So we had a stroll up to Gun Hill , it was a glorious frosty and sunny morning !!!
The local Buzzard was also enjoying the sunshine...


Birds at the feeders are still increasing with another six species added today which now brings the total for the year upto 31.
Collared Dove.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Wirrel

As Steve said in his earlier post today was a chill day at home ... Yesterday how ever was a "chilly" day to say the least , Steves idea of treating me to a facial was to have me sand blasted in gailforce winds on the beach at Hoylake :-) ... We arrived just as the sun was rising which was lovely until you opened the car door and nearly lost it !!!! But we braved the weather and enjoyed the birds WHO were having their own battle with winds ....
Well and truly sand blasted !!!!!!!!

Brambling for the New Year

A dull wet miserable day so we decided to re-charge our batteries and have a day in today and just see what turned up at our feeders and added another five species to our new years day list with a female Brambling being the highlight . It looks like this female Brambling has attached itself to our local Chaffinch flock and returns on a regular basis and so it proved quite a challenge to capture it on camera in these awful conditions .

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

The first day of the year and its dull , wet but rather mild . Twenty species of birds were noted during the first hour of daylight this morning before leaving home . We had decided to stay local and drive around the lanes to see how many species we could find . Our first destination was Macclesfield Forest then onto the Staffs Moors and back down to Tittesworth Reservoir . After a short coffee break it was a brief stop off at Rudyard Lake then upto Marshes Hill onto Knypersley Reservoir and down to Westport Lake . After Westport it was a quick dash back to Astbury Mere before fading light then back home . A poor total of only 53 species was the best we could do due to the bad weather and very windy conditions , but still a very enjoyable day and well worth the effort its just nice to be out and about .

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve ...

After a well needed lie in myself and Steve had tea and toast sitting in the window watching the last sunrise of 2014 ...
Well that's it for this year wine bottles open " HAPPY NEW YEAR "


A good year for birds in the wood with 68 species being noted but a few down on last years total with such species as Spotted Flycatcher , Red Kite and Cuckoo missing from this years list . But we still managed two new species with a pair of Mandarin Duck's staying around for over a week and a female Brambling under our feeders just a few day's ago. Also a Grey Wagtail made an appearance around the pool during October the first sighting for many years . The most unusual sighting was two young Emu's which had escaped from a nearby farm and gave our neighbour a fright while out walking her dogs . Two new Damselflies were found this year with a Blue-tailed and a Emerald both photographed around the pool . Also good numbers again of emerging Southern Hawkers from the pool , and the first sighting for a couple of years of a Four-spotted Chaser. Broad-bodied Chaser , Brown Hawker and good numbers of Common Darter were also noted . The first Butterflies were on the wing early April with Twenty Two species being recorded this year which was two down on last year , missing were Purple Hairstreak and Dark-green fritillary . The most noteworthy being Ringlet on three occasions these are not common in Cheshire , the Wall which made two appearances and another Holy Blue which this time I did manage to photograph. A few good moths were added to the list this year with Chocolate-tip , Purple-bar , Sallow and Eyed Hawkmoth being the most noteworthy . Insects are increasing daily along with my photographic library of them , these are still something I am trying to get my head around . All in all a good year in our wood and all it remains for myself and Tracey to say is Happy New Year to you and have a wildlife filled 2015 , and if you take photographs don't forget to share them .

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Staying Local

Stayed local today but still had to get up early to get sun rise ...
The last two black and white shots are Steves contribution for today :-)

Shore Lark Lancs

As Tracey said previously yesterday we had a trip up north to try and photograph the long staying Shore Lark . After a bit of searching we soon located the bird feeding amongst the stones on the shore line along Rossall Point , it was very flighty due to local dog walkers that always seemed to want to walk where you are photographing enough said.
Just look what you come across on the beach when you havn't got a gun , bless her she's learning well .

Monday, 29 December 2014

Up with the lark .... ( Shore Lark )

Another early start this time on a frosty Lancashire coast near Fleetwood to try and photograph a Scandinavian visitor in the form of a Shore Lark .... On route to the beach we managed a few frosty shots ...
After searching with other birders for over an hour Steve spotted it amongst the rocks...

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Another frosty morning so decided take Steve for his first look at Pennington Flash. A early start meant that we got there just as the sun was rising ...
After a hours stroll the sun was up and everywhere was glistening !!!
Back to the car for dinner and coffee then off to the feeding station hide ... It was a nice surprise to find not one but two Waterail on the ice ...