Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Garden Moths

Scalloped Hazel moth photographed in the garden from last night's mothing session.
And Waved Umber excellent camouflage.
And a Lime Hawkmoth that took a liking to my finger.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Litton 14th May

A visit to Litton just east of Buxton a wonderful part of the Peak District in search of Dingy Skipper and Wall of which I had both here last year. There were good numbers of Butterflies on the wing and around eleven Green Hairstreak were soon noted the most I have seen here recently.
Also noted Green-viened White (14), Brimstone (2), Orange-tip (8), and a single Speckled Wood.
Green-veined White.
The area above proved very good for Speckled Yellow with nine individuals seen , it is a very attractive day flying moth.
A excellent day in glorious weather but unfortunately no Wall or Dingy Skipper maybe next week.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Speckled Wood

They may be one of our common butterflies but Speckled Woods are absolutely stunning.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Day Flying Moth

One of the many day flying moths on the wing at present , this aptly named Speckled Yellow was one of several seen .

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 10h

A trip over the border into Peak District this morning proved fruitful with nine species of Butterfly in just a small area beside a stream just east of Buxton . Below is just a small selection of todays stunning insects .
Wall Brown.
Orange-tip (female).
Orange-tip (male).
Green Hairstreak.
Dingy Skipper .
Small Copper .

Friday, 19 August 2016

Bird Fair 2016

It was Tracy,s first visit to the annual Bird Fair at Rutland Water today . I have been many times before and its a great place to catch up with old and distant friends and make new ones and today was no exception . Getting in early gave us both the opportunity to have a chat and a photo with wildlife film maker and BBC presenter Simon King. To all my old friends I saw today it was good to catch up with you all again .

Monday, 4 July 2016

Ringlets Wixall

Ringlets were out in good numbers at Wixall along the approach track to the Moss , where around thirty individuals were on the wing . These allowed good photographic opportunities when the sun eventually came out. This is a butterfly that's hard to come across in Cheshire where we live , so myself and Trace did not pass on this opportunity to capture a few images . We have photographed some rare butterflies in the last few weeks with Chequered Skipper in Scotland , Wood Whites in Warwickshire and Black Hairstreaks in Northamptonshire . But I still get that buzz when capturing a reasonable image of one of the commoner species of butterfly , below is a small collection of yesterdays Ringlets at Wixall.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Wixall Moss

Myself and Trace decided to go over to Wixall in Shropshire this morning as the weather looked promising , the aim was for me to try and get better images of the Large Heath butterfly. This is easier said than done as they always sit low down in the grass making it very difficult to get a clean shot as shown in the image below , nice butterfly crap photo far to messy.
It took a long time a lot of patience and a large amount of luck to get one that decided to sit up just long enough to rattle of a couple of images .
Ringlets and Large Skippers proved a bit more obliging .
Also seen on today,s visit were Brown Hawker , White-faced Darter , Black Darter , Southern Hawker , Stonechat , Curlew , Raven and the added bonus of a Glossy Ibis on flood water just before the entrance to Wixall.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Black Hairstreak Butterfly's

Glapthorn Northamptonshire once part of Rockingham Forest this 69 acre wooded reserve near Oundle has stands of blackthorn scrub with glades and grassy areas , this provides ideal conditions for the Black Hairstreak . They have one of the shortest flight periods of all the British species only lasting around three weeks , it is one of our rarest butterflies only found at a handful of sites in the East Midlands. On arrival we meet the warden Dick Smith and having not been to this reserve before he immediately pointed us in the right direction and we were soon enjoying very close views of this stunning Butterfly. Seven were seen in total along with good numbers of Ringlet , Large Skipper , Meadow Browns and Speckled Wood . My old friend Dave Hutton and Donna appeared from nowhere and were soon photographing what we had seen over the last hour.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Skippers (Hesperildae)

Small and moth like we have only eight species of Skippers in the UK. They live in discrete colonies in rough unfertilized grassland often hidden among vegetation , there flight is rapid skipping just above the grass heads . Below are six out of the eight showing underwing pattern only , missing yet to be photographed underwing are Dingy and Lulworth .
Grizzeled Skipper (patterned underside).
Chequered Skipper (again patterned underside but unmistakable).
Small Skipper (clear gold underside).
Essex Skipper (again clear underside but note the black tipped antenna).
Large Skipper (faint pattern on underside).
Silver Spotted Skipper ( greenish underside with silver spots ).

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Garden Moths

As you can see from the post below Tracey has done a excellent job of turning the garden into a insect friendly garden well done my dear. Moths are now coming on a regular bases and with the different varieties of flowers they are spoilt for choice , below are a few images from this weekend.
Ghost Moth.
Beautiful Golden Y.
Peach Blossom.
Common Marbled Carpet.
Small Magpie.
Pebble Hook-Tip.
Poplar Hawkmoth.