Thursday, 2 July 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Horsey Mill

Not only is this area one of the best places in Norfolk to see Raptors it is also one of the best places in Britain to see the magnificent Swallowtail butterfly and the NT car park garden at Horsey Mill is a magnet for the species.
Myself and Trace decided to come back down again for a couple of days having been here just three weeks previous .

Sunday, 28 June 2015

At Long Last.

Tonight at 9-00 we had our first Hummingbird Hawkmoth on our flower bed . After arriving back from a two day break in Norfolk I was just putting out the moth trap , when to my amazement there it was certainly not expected at this time of night . Panic set in as myself and Trace tried desperately to capture it on camera.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Common Scoter Staffs

Nine drake Common Scoter turned up at Westport Lake Staffordshire this morning so myself and Trace decided to venture over and take a look. Mainly distant sitting in the middle nervous as ever  but they did do a few fly-by's giving the local photographers some hope of a few reasonable images.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Whixall Moss

After two or three failed attempts last year to get a reasonable images of White face Darters and Large Heath Butterflies at Whixall Moss both myself and Trace tried again today with a little bit more success than previous times . White faced Darters are our smallest Dragonfly being not much longer than a matchstick , and when they do settle it is usually low down in vegetation giving a messy not clear shot.
White faced Darter.
White faced Darter. As I said previously Large Heath butterflies are for me a nightmare to capture on camera and today was no different I suppose the breezy conditions did not help any , well that's what I told Trace anyway and I am sticking to it .
Large Heath . There were plenty of Four Spotted Chaser's around also a single female Broad Bodied Chaser , along with several Large Skippers four Brimstone and several freshly emerged Speckled Wood.
Large Skipper. Day flying moths included Argent & Sable and Common Heath both of which were photographed , it was only my second ever Argent & Sable and Tracey's first.
Common Heath.
Argent & Sable.
Argent & Sable. We had a good walk around and found some more good looking pools that produced White faced Darters , so it looks like another return trip is on the cards and maybe next time I can get a decent Large Heath sitting on top of some ferns not looking like its feel asleep in the grass!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Scarce Beetle in Cheshire

A scarce Beetle in Cheshire No its not Paul McCartney its Saperda Scalaris .
Although one of the appropriately named Longhorn Beetles Saperada Scalaris is one of the most colourful of the Longhorns and a very rare species , it currently holds Nationally Scarce Grade A status .

Club-tail Dragonfly

Myself and Trace made another trip to the River Dee in Cheshire to try and find the elusive Club-tail Dragonfly . We made the same trip last year to a couple of sites were these elusive little insects supposed to be and spent most of the day searching only to find two individuals . Well it turned out to be the same again this year with only one dragon settled and a further two seen in flight , so still elusive and still proving a challenge to capture on camera .  We did have amazing views as last year of Banded Damoiselles and various small Damselflies but as far as the River Dee in Cheshire goes its proving hard work to locate this wonderful but elusive Dragonfly.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Orchids to Red Kites

We decided to visit a couple of nature reserves in Oxfordshire on Saturday nestled on the banks of the river Thames , it turned out to be a three hundred and fifty mile round trip but it was all worth it.

The trip down here today was specifically for Orchids with the added  attraction  of Red Kites which were everywhere and I mean everywhere but that's for later the main target was Orchids . Nine species were found which included Monkey , Military , Birds Nest , Common Twyblade , White Hellabrine  , Common Spotted  , Bee , Fly and Greater Butterfly all of which were successfully photographed . 

    Tracey photographing Monkey Orchid .
Plenty of Monkey Orchids were on display at the first sight but we had missed the Lady Orchid as it had gone to seed , mental note to come two weeks earlier next year.

 Monkey Orchid.

Monkey Orchid.

Monkey Orchid.

Bee Orchids were also out in flower.

Then onto another site along the Thames where several more varieties were on display .

military Orchid .

Military Orchid.

Military Orchid.

Birds Nest Orchid which apparently doesn't look much but is quite scarce.

Greater Butterfly Orchid.

On the journey down I told Tracey how Red Kites had been reintroduced to the Chilterns and were now very abundant and could be seen everywhere , but I think she didn't expect what she saw . They were flying from back gardens feeding along the road sides , up to six quartering fields looking for food it was quite an eye opener. I even stopped for petrol and they were coming out of the garden next to the garage , how many times do you get your camera out while filling up with petrol and start photographing Red Kites I must say it was a first .

Red Kite.

Red Kite.

Red Kite.

It was truly an amazing experience of which Tracey and myself thoroughly enjoyed it was a long day but well worth it and something I will not forget for a long time.


Monday, 1 June 2015

The Duke .......

With two more butterflies to find off Steves tick list we set off for the Cotswolds .....   On todays agenda was the Duke of Burgundy and the Marsh Fritillary ....

Marsh Fritillary
The Duke And an added bonus were the Small and Common Blues
And to go with the butterflies Steve found Greater Butterfly Orchid
Other creatures....