Saturday, 2 July 2016

Black Hairstreak Butterfly's

Glapthorn Northamptonshire once part of Rockingham Forest this 69 acre wooded reserve near Oundle has stands of blackthorn scrub with glades and grassy areas , this provides ideal conditions for the Black Hairstreak . They have one of the shortest flight periods of all the British species only lasting around three weeks , it is one of our rarest butterflies only found at a handful of sites in the East Midlands. On arrival we meet the warden Dick Smith and having not been to this reserve before he immediately pointed us in the right direction and we were soon enjoying very close views of this stunning Butterfly. Seven were seen in total along with good numbers of Ringlet , Large Skipper , Meadow Browns and Speckled Wood . My old friend Dave Hutton and Donna appeared from nowhere and were soon photographing what we had seen over the last hour.

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